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For Students:

Glenbrook South Physics is great high school physics page. Both the Physics Classroom and The Multimedia Physics Studio are good resources for the student and the teacher.

Explore Science Page has wonderful interactive science simulations using shockwave.

Other high school pages

JJ Pearce Physics includes a large number of links to other high school physics pages.

Rio Americano High School Physics is a good basic resource for High School Physics Teachers.

FDR High School is another high school physics page.

Arthur Hill High School is one more high school physics page.

For Educators:

University of Tennessee (High school physics page) is a site designed as a resource for high school physics teachers. It is mostly a good set of links, but there is some original material here.

Physics Education Site t University of Washington is a list of physics education resources.

Workshop Physics Site is a source for information about Workshop physics and any of the materials used in Workshop physics.

Vernier Software supplies everything you need for computer or calculator based labs from sensors and calculators to lab manuals and programs.

CBL Clearinghouse serves as a good starting point for information and ideas on how to use CBLs in the classroom.

TI Calculator Site is from the makers of TI calculators and CBLs (calculator based labs). This page is a good source of information on the different calculators and CBL programs.

Modeling Workshop project The page gives information on the educational research program directed by Prof. David Hestenes.

Videopoint is an interesting video analysis software developed for the Workshop Physics class. With a digitized video of an experiment, this program allows you to collect and analyze.

American Association of Physics Teachers includes information on meetings and conferences (also, you can become a member and start receiving excellent journals including AJP and the Physics Teacher).

National Science Teachers Association is another good source of conferences for professional development.

Interesting Research & Other Links

American Institute of physics is a great place for physics news.

Sudbury Neutrino Observatory One research project searching for neutrino oscillations and neutrino mass. The results may explain the "missing mass" in the universe or at the least find a hole in the Standard Model. A list of other neutrino detectors is at this link.

Direct CP violation may be the answer to the matter/anti-matter imbalance in the universe after the Big Bang.

Princeton Plasma Physics Lab is one of the main labs still involved in fusion research. General fusion information for all levels can be found under the Education Programs link.

The Department of Energy supports a lot of basic and applied physics research.

Links to all the DOE National Laboratories Check out what is going on at all the DOE labs in the country including educational programs at the lab in your area.

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