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Physics Homework Helper
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Adam Keil '95
Updated 06/01/99
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Physics Homework Help from Mr. Coe and the Pingry AP Physics Class

This page was created in 1995 by Adam Keil '95 as a service to those who shared his struggles through the rocky landscapes of Introductory and AP Physics!

    Mr. Coe is an esteemed (in Adam Keil's judgement, anyway!) physicist and high school physics teacher. Mr. Coe graduated Lehigh University in 1977 and still resides in the Bethlehem area. He has been teaching at The Pingry School, in Martinsville, New Jersey since 1984. Mr Coe and his Physics classes have agreed to help answer any physics questions presented to them. The intended audience is first-year Physics students at either the secondary or college level. Answers will be in the form of procedural outlines and/or hints on getting started with problems, not complete solutions with answers. Mr. Coe and the classes have few prerequisites regarding their willingness to help others, but do ask that all requests for help include a little personal information or background to humanize all the interactions. This information can be as simple as "I am a Junior at The Pingry School in Martinsville, New Jersey", but more detail would be welcomed. Also, please briefly let us know how you found this site. Thanks.

Mr. Coe et. al. are awaiting your questions!!
On average it will take them two days to get to your question.

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