About the Pingry Physics Page

    This site was founded by Mary Dunlop '98 as an Independent Study Project at the end of her senior year. The entries were maintained and modified by Peter Rapp '99 and Mindy Wu '99 as their senior year ISP. Peter and Mindy added new material and expanded and reformated the webpages. Over the summer of 1999, Peter gave the site its current user interface and added several explorations by Pingry physics teachers, as well as many of his own original explorations. Additions will again be made in 2003.

    Mr. Charles Coe was the faculty advisor for the projects. He also proofread many of the pages, came up with new ideas for the site, and found links. Mr. Drew Burns helped overcome difficulties with the limitations of the programs and computers used. He also contributed many new ideas for the pages.

     Special thanks to the Pingry Tech Team, who gave us server space and peace of mind in the midst of a plethora of technical difficulties.

Contributions are welcomed from all current Pingry Physics students, teachers, and all alumni.

    As always, the majority of the project (including QuickTime movies, spreadsheets, Interactive Physics simulations, graphics, HTML, compressing, formatting, and layout) was done on Apple Macintosh computers.

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